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We have a wide variety of packages to choose from.

Birthday Parties, Events & Festivals

Our exotic animals are ready to create a special experience at your event! Whether it’s a festival, wedding, birthday, bar mitzvah or corporate retreat — take a look at our customizable packages below.

Retirement Homes, Schools, Libraries and more!

Are you interested in planning an event for a school, senior home? — Take a look at our outreach programs below

Film & Television

Interested in finding an animal actor for film, television and/or fashion photography? We can connect you with the right actor and handler.

Animal Packages

We have a wide variety of options to choose from to match any budget and event size!

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Once you have an idea of which package you want and have a date in mind, give us a call as soon as possible – parties are often booked months ahead of time!

Join us on safari and meet a variety of exotic creatures from around the globe! The 8-10 animal-lineup focuses on our smaller exotic animals and is a good starting point to add-on featured animals to create a custom package.


This package is for those that love our friends of the scaly variety! Jurassic Adventure features a large boa constrictor, reptiles (lizards, tortoises, and snakes), mammals and a bird.


This experience is for lovers of all things cute and fuzzy! Perfect for younger ages and stress relief, Furry Friends features 8-10 animals including 2 different breeds of rabbits, a chinchilla, hedgehog/guinea pig, birds and more!


Get silly with us and come face to face with a real live LION (imposter)!! Kids will learn about wild cats and how to train animals using positive, force free training. Lion Tamer features a Savannah or Bengal cat, fun circus themed props, a ‘lion maned’ rabbit, additional furries, birds, and reptiles or invertebrates.


Travel back in time with us and come face to face with some of the most amazing creatures ever to walk our planet! Jurassic World features 2 hyper-realistic dinosaurs (equipped with state of the art robotics and sound)  as well as 6 other dino-themed animals.


Explore the animals of Africa in this fun filled program! This experience features Maggie the Silvery Cheeked Hornbill, an African Spurred tortoise, African pygmy hedgehogs, additional mammals, reptiles and invertebrates.



Seth’s Amazing Pets is filled with exciting magic tricks, special props and comedy! This hour-long experience features a group performance followed by an animal and trainer meet and greet.

Outreach Packages

Interested in booking an event for a school, library or camp? Are you interested in scheduling animal assisted therapy for senior residents, or would you like to coordinate a community event like a fair or festival? We have a number of Outreach Programs in addition to private or corporate events available to book.

Students love to connect through our immersive, hands-on animal presentations! Kindergarten to college, our experienced handlers can engage with audiences of all ages with discussions on animal biology, conservation and more.


Hands on Exotics visits about  nursing homes, hospitals, adult day programs, autism and special needs groups, and other similar facilities on a regular basis. We are happy to setup reoccurring visits based on your programing needs.


Take a walk on the wild side by inviting a variety of exotic animals to your next event! Bring this unique experience to your office for a great opportunity to laugh and have fun together while learning to have a greater appreciation for wildlife.


Hands on Exotics visits dozens of fairs, festivals, and trade show events each year, from small local events to extremely large ones, bringing the unique experience of meeting and interacting with exotic animals from around the world!


Declare you love for your special person with our exotic animals as your guests of honour. Before your wedding, at the reception or as you walk down the isle, your family and friends will cry tears of joy and be delighted by an array of lovely animals they can interact with.


Our celebrations provide the unforgettable opportunity to interact with exotic animals while learning. Our parties are not just for kids! We often attend parties and private experiences for adults and seniors as well. Have that camera ready; pictures are encouraged!


We offer a wide variety of exotic animals for professional film and photography including tropical birds, rabbits, lynx, large snakes, lizards and more! Please call us at 416-354-3003 or email info@handsonexotics.com for pricing and animal availability! 


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NOTE: The price of all our packages is subject to HST and any applicable travel charge. Please contact our office to find out if your location is subject to a travel charge.

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